Generic parameter for all XML requests

Some parameters are required in all XML requests no matter what endpoint is addressed. (e.g. the merchant credentials to authorize the requests)

Parameter Mandatory? Format Description
mid + N...6 Merchant ID
pid + N...6 Portal ID
bpsecure + N...6 MD5 hash of the security key generated for this portal. (generated and delivered by BillPay)
api_version + AN..10 API version


XML Header

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<data api_version="1.5.10">
<default_params mid="2" pid="3" bpsecure="0d48732f425b6df88c58244d6882369e" />
<!-- weitere, Request-spezifische Daten -->


Generic Parameter for all XML responses

The following parameters are returned with every XML service response:

Parameter Mandatory? Format Description
error_code + N...6 Error code. Standard value is "0" (no error)
merchant_message - AN...255 Detailled error message to be displayed to the merchant only
customer_message - AN...255 Detailled error message to be displayed to the customer

Attention: When running in the production environment, only the "cusomer_message" can be displayed in the shop frontend. The information in the "merchant_message" may contain confidential details and is not meant to be seen by the customer.

Please note that we may make changes to the API error messages that are returned for customers and merchants. In addion, new error codes and error messages can be added at any time.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<data api_version="1.5.10" customer_message="Error: Please select another payment method or try again later. An internal error occurred." merchant_message="Error: The submitted order data is invalid." error_code="53">
<!-- weitere, Request-spezifische Daten -->