The Weekly Settlement File

Every merchant will receive a weekly settlement file via download link in the BillPay Backoffice. The files can be downloaded in the following formats:

  • PDF
  • CSV

They will always contain all the individual debts that have been settled in the given time period (1 week prior, starting Monday, ending Sunday) as well as all the calculated BillPay fees.

Index Column Format Description
1 Type of Fee Num(2) 0: transaction fee (minimum), 1: setup fee, 2: monthly fee, 3: transaction fee, 4: cancellation fee, 15: VAT recovery 7,00%, 16: VAT recovery 19,00%, 17: credit check costs, 18: direct customer payment, 19: Dunning fee coverage
2 Description of Fee ANum(50) Description of fee
3 Portal ID Num(6) BillPay portal ID
4 Merchant order reference ANum(40) The merchant's order reference, submitted with the preauthorization
5 Merchant customer ID ANum(40) The merchant's customer ID
6 BillPay customer ID Num(10) BillPay's customer ID
7 Debt ID Num(10) BillPay's debt ID
8 Debt amount (-)Float(8:2) The total amount to be paid out to the merchant
9 Disagio[%] Float(1:4) BillPay fee in percent
10 Transaction fee (-)Float(8:2) BillPay fee in EUR
11 Order date YYYMMDD Order date
12 Date of activation YYYYMMDD Date of activation
13 Payment due date YYYYMMDD The customer's payment due date
14 Customer country ISO 3166 alpha-3 The customer's country (e.g. DEU)