The following passage describes the process of ordering, payment and payout to the merchant.

Order process

The majority of the well-known shop systems follow these three steps in the checkout process:

1) Input of customer information

2) Selection of a payment method

3) Overview of all articles and fees, final approval and creation of order

=> The final click on the "Order now"-button triggers the BillPay preauthorization

Attention: In the case of a returned „DENIED“ status in the server response, the customer is not allowed to choose one of the BillPay payment methods. Please do not offer these payment methods in the same user session to avoid customer frustration.

Process diagrams

Flowchart - "classic" scoring

Using the "classic" scoring model, the identity and credit check takes place after the customer has chosen a payment method and tries to finalize the order. In the case of a successful authorization, the order will be created; otherwise the customer will be presented with the appropriate message in the front-end and the offer of an alternate payment method.


Flowchart classic scoring

Flowchart - Prescoring

Using the "prescore" scoring model, the identity and credit check is performed before the payment method is selected. The results of the check are then used to display or hide the available payment methods accordingly. This eliminates the negative purchasing experience of a "rejection".

Please Note: The "prescore" model is based on a different pricing scheme and has to be included in the contractual agreement between the merchant and BillPay.


Flowchart prescoring

Transaction Credit CHE / PayLater and prepayments

In order for customers to improve their credit score, the payment methods "Transaction Credit Switzerland" and "PayLater" (GER) offer a special feature, where customers can make a "down payment" via our partner giropay. By offering this option, the acceptance rate for these payment methods increases drastically.

Customers that need to make these payments are redirected to the giropay banking gateway, where they can use their known and trusted online banking environment to transfer an amount of the order total in real-time. Following the successful transfer, the customer returns to the checkout and the order can be finalized.
Attention: This feature has to be activated for each individual merchant explicitly. Please contact our support for further information.


Flowchart prepayment

Backend processes

Activating an order

In order to set the payment due date for each order (e.g. 20 or 30 days for invoice payments), a webservice request has to be sent right before the order is shipped and the invoice is printed. Only upon receipt and parsing of the successful response to this request, is all the required information for printing the invoice available.

Special Case: Partial shipments

The standard configuration only offers full activations / shipments. When enabling the partial shipment feature, the shipped items have to be identified in the webservice requests. BillPay will then set the due dates for each partial shipment until all ordered items have been dispatched. If some items cannot be shipped, they need to be removed using the EditCartContent request.

Partial Shipment (partial activation) is possible for the following payment methods:

Payment Method ID Payment Method
1 Invoice
2 Direct Debit

Returns, refunds and cancellations

Using the editCartContent request, all order items can be changed. Fees and rebates can also be adjusted. If a customer returns one or more items, the debt will be reduced and any overpaid funds will be refunded to the customer by BillPay. It is also possible to increase the order value by adding items to the cart. There is a standard limit for this feature (25 EUR). If your shop requires a larger limit, please contact our support.

When receiving editCartContent requests for orders that have been previously activated, BillPay will send emails to the customer, informing them of the new order value.