What is BillPay?

Using BillPay merchants can offer the payment methods „Invoice“ with an end-customer payment term of 20/30 days, „Direct debit“ and "PayLater"/“Transaction Credit” to their customers. The “Invoice” payment method can be offered to private customers (B2C), as well as to business customers (B2B).

With Invoice payments, customers have the ability to essentially inspect their purchased articles before paying for them.

Direct Debit, the third most popular payment method in Germany, offers customers the possibility to allow the funds for payment to be withdrawn from their account, without actively transferring the money. Customers know and appreciate the Direct Debit payment method from the stationary trade.

By offering two of the three most popular payment methods the probability of an abandoned shoppping carts is reduced to a minimum, the number of items in the cart increases, and earnings can grow significantly.

Completed by the ever-growing popularity of the payment method “PayLater” (payment in up to 24 monthly installments), merchants can offer an incomparable range of payment options and thus increase their sales substantially. BillPay takes on the risk and debt management for the merchant, giving them more time to focus on their core business. The merchant receives their funds - even if the customer does not pay or the direct debit can’t be processed. That is our 100% guarantee of payment.

What is „PayLater“

With PayLater, you can offer your customers the ability to pay for their purchased goods in 3, 6, 12 or 24 monthly installments - with no hidden fees or costs.

The Advantages include:

  • A 100% payment guarantee (regardless of whether the customer pays or not)
  • No complicated registration like with the Post- or HomeIdentity-Processes
  • Quick payout to the merchants
  • Easy to understand monthly payments
  • No hidden fees

Target Group

This documentation is separated out into two sections: one for decision makers to understand the core benefits and processes of the BillPay service, the second one for IT professionals / programmers that will work on the technical implementation of the payment methods in their online portals.