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The BillPay Payment Page

The BillPay payment page is a web interface for placing customer orders. The payment page is tailored to provide an offline solution at the point of sale, as well as in a call center.

The merchant enters the customer data and basket value to perform the identity and credit check of the customer. BillPay reports in real time whether or not the customer is accepted and the order can be confirmed.


  • Compatible with all browsers
  • Zero integration overhead
  • Quick to get off the ground and perfect for pilot projects

On the following pages you will find a description of the order process:

Settlement Files

Every merchant will receive access to a weekly settlement file via download link in the BillPay BackOffice using the dedicated “controlling” user credentials.

You will receive an e-mail notification as soon as the weekly settlement file is available. The settlement period runs from Monday to Sunday of the prior week. The files are available to be downloaded in the following formats:

  • PDF
  • CSV

Included are the individual orders accrued during the billing period as well as their amount and the fees incurred.

Index Column Format Description
1 Transaction Type ID N..2 0: transaction fee (minimum)
1: setup fee
2: monthly fee
3: transaction fee
4: cancellation fee
15: VAT recovery 7,00%
16: VAT recovery 19,00%
17: credit check costs
18: direct customer payment
19: Dunning fee coverage
2 Transaction Type AN..50 Description of fee
3 Portal ID N..6 BillPay portal ID
4 Merchant Reference Number AN..40 The merchant’s order reference, submitted with the preauthorization
5 Merchant Customer Number AN..40 The merchant’s customer ID
6 BillPay Customer Number N..10 BillPay’s customer ID
7 Debt ID N..10 BillPay’s debt ID
8 Debt Amount [3 character currency code (e.g. “EUR”)] (-)Float(8:2) The total amount to be paid out to the merchant
9 Disagio [%] Float(1:4) BillPay fee in percent
10 Transaction Fee [3 character currency code (e.g. “EUR”)] (-)Float(8:2) BillPay fee in EUR
11 Order Date YYYMMDD Order date
12 Activation Date YYYYMMDD Date of activation
13 Due Date YYYYMMDD The customer’s payment due date
14 Customer Country A..3 The customer’s country (e.g. DEU)
ISO3166 (alpha-3)

Additionally, the files can be downloaded via a https request, which lends itself to being built into an automated process. The link for the https request would be as follows:

Get Variable Descriptions in the Above URL

Variable Format Info
mh string This is a shop/portal specific indentifying hash. BillPay will provide you with this value upon request.
cw ISO 8601: WW The calendar week of the settlement file
year ISO 8601:YYYY The year of the desired settlement file (YYYY format)
format string (csv or pdf) The format of the document (csv, pdf)
type positive int There are different settlement files depending upon the country or payment method. BillPay will provide you the file types you will need upon request.


The preferred BillPay payment logos for display on your website and in your checkout, as well as all of our programming libraries can be downloaded here:

Version history

[2.2.0] - 2017-10-04

The version 2.2.0 is not fully backwards compatible to 2.1.0


  • Request: getOrderDetails.xsd

  • Response: getOrderDetails.xsd

  • Request: prescore.xsd

    • attribute expecteddaystillshipping


  • Request: shiftDueDate.xsd
    • changed attribute newduedate from type date to the name shiftdatesby from the type integer in the range 1 to 90

[2.1.0] - 2017-06-19

The version 2.1.0 is not fully backwards compatible to 2.0.0


  • Request: preauthorize.xsd
  • Request: prescore.xsd

    • allowed values from attribute historicaltripcurrency changed from char to enum
  • Response: invoiceCreated.xsd

    • element name has been changed from “invoice_numbers” to “assigned_invoice_number”. Only the invoice_number node for the currently activated suborder is returned.

[2.0.0] - 2017-07-03


  • Notificatons: asyncCapture.xsd

  • Request: cancel.xsd

  • Request: capture.xsd

  • Request: editCartContent.xsd

  • Request: getBillPayBankData.xsd

  • Request: invoiceCreated.xsd

  • Request: partialCancel.xsd

  • Request: preauthorize.xsd

  • Request: prescore.xsd

  • Request: reportCustomerPayment.xsd

  • Request: shiftDueDate.xsd

  • Request: updateOrder.xsd

  • Response: cancel.xsd

  • Response: capture.xsd

  • Response: editCartContent.xsd

  • Response: getBillPayBankData.xsd

  • Response: invoiceCreated.xsd

  • Response: partialCancel.xsd

  • Response: preauthorize.xsd

  • Response: prescore.xsd

  • Response: reportCustomerPayment.xsd

  • Response: shiftDueDate.xsd

  • Response: updateOrder.xsd

Should you have any questions relating to this manual and/or integrating BillPay payment methods, please feel free to contact us via